4 Different Kinds of Blenders Explained

Blenders are very useful kitchen appliances that can puree food and make it possible to prepare many different recipes like smoothies, milkshakes, sauces, salad dressings and more. Blenders are an appliance found in almost all of the average kitchens of today. If you are out looking for a blender to buy, you choice may become a difficult one since there are so many different types of blenders available in the market each with their own specific purposes. To help you make your decision, we have classified the blenders in different types and described their basic purpose briefly:

Immersion blenders:

Immersion blenders or hand blenders are hand-held blenders as evident by the name. They are quite convenient for blending, whisking, whipping, and chopping but come with lower motor powers as compared to countertop blenders so you can only use them for processing soft ingredients. They are easy to clean, require less storage space and are much cheaper as compared to other types of blenders.

Personal Blenders:

These are small countertop blenders that are easy to use, easy to clean and ideal for making personal serving of smoothies or milkshakes. As a plus, you can also drink from the same jar without having to dirty an extra cup. These personal blenders are relatively cheap as compared to larger capacity blenders.

Smoothie Blenders:

You can get a decent smoothie blender anywhere between $50 and $100. A best smoothie blender comes with extra features ice crushing capabilities, greater motor power, greater speeds and sometimes multiple jugs for personal servings or that for multiple persons.

Professional Blenders:

These are the high-end blenders usually found in cafes and restaurants that come with very strong motors and much higher performance as compared to other blenders. These blenders are available in higher price ranges and come with long warranties for example the Vitamix models that offer warranties of up to 7 years

The type of blender you choose depends on your preferences, budget and the reason you are buying it in the first place. Take some time to consider all these factors before buying your blender.

What Exactly is Cold Pressed Juicing

If you like fresh juices, you might have come across the term cold pressed juice. These are the new kind of juices which are more delicious and nutritious as compared to the traditional kind of juices extracted through the centrifugal juicer. If you are new to juicing, you might not completely understand the idea behind cold press juicers and the reason why they are so different from the usual variety of juicers. Keep reading and you will understand everything you need to know about cold press juicers and why the juice extracted through these juicers is the very best of all types of juices.

How does it work?

The concept behind a cold press juicer is the extraction of juice from the fruits and vegetables leaving behind all the fibers in such a way that almost all the nutrients and healthy enzymes are retrained in the drink. These enzymes only stay alive as long as they are kept away from heat. A traditional centrifugal juicer uses sharp blades rotating at high speeds to quickly separate all the juice from the pulp but in doing so they produce a lot of heat which causes the destruction of most of the enzymes and nutrients. Not only does it make the drink less nutritious but it also decreases its life. This means that you will have to consume it almost immediately if you want it to stay fresh. A cold press juicer takes special care to press the ingredients only softly so that all the healthy nutrients and enzymes stay alive in the drink.

Why should you consume cold press juice?

You might already know how healthy juices are for you. This does not mean you should add packages juices into your diet. The juices you buy from the store are not healthy at all since they are either only a small fraction real fruit juice or not at all. Artificial flavors, sugars, preservatives and other additives make a major part of the juice. Fresh homemade juices extracted through a cold press juicer are easy and convenient to make and full of essential nutrients for you. It is an excellent way of adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet which most people find inconvenient to eat whole. These cold pressed juices are simple to digest and the nutrients are directly absorbed by the blood stream and taken to all the parts of the body. Easy digestion is the reason why most athletes drink juices after a hard core workout session to regain all the energy that was lost. Source: coldpressjuicer.net

The only problem with cold press juicers is that they will take a lot longer to extract juice than the traditional centrifugal varieties of juicers. You will also find many versatile varieties of juices which are pasta makers, food processors and more along with being cold press juicers.